Help businesses & raise the value of my service.

I’ve always thought that Bookkeepers need more diversification to be able to offer Businesses more than just Bookkeeping.

I have come across so many frustrated Business owners that don’t understand the figures in their Business and don’t see the value in a lot of what we do.

This also makes it frustrating for Bookkeepers as well since before now, we didn’t have the tools to be able to do this!

Tracey and Confident Cashflows PLUS has shown me how we can give so much value to our clients through the Turnkey Intensive program which I have completed to become an Accredited Consultant.  I’m really excited to be able to offer this service to Businesses to help them make bigger profits through better insight, and at the same time raise the value of my service!!  I’m now undertaking the advanced program (Marketing & Sales) which gives all the content and templates to show potential clients the worth of the service we can offer them.

Thanks Tracey, you are a shining light to not only Business owners but also Bookkeepers that want to think out of the box and offer a service that Businesses are screaming out for.

Michelle Thompson (ABN) – Sapient Consulting

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