Topics – for Accountants

(A) Reliable, Relevant and Revenue Generating Cash flow Forecasting for SME Clients.

Aim / Primary Objectives: Assisting Public Practice accountants to deliver more regular cash flow forecasting in a systematised process, and limiting the inaccuracies of Excel.

Description outlining content : Supporting SME & NFP clients to improve their cash flow in the “Real-World”, requires a lot more than just the text-book “Debtors-Creditors-Stock-Days” conversation.  Monitoring, forecasting and then improving cash flow requires a tried and tested systematised process, even though there is a no “one-size-fits-all”.  The benefits of an accurate Cash flow forecast for SME Business owners are REAL!  These benefits are enjoyed by the business owner (and their family), in a way that reaches far beyond the “numbers”.

4 learning outcomes: CPA congress Newcastle March 2016 2

  • The 3 core fundamentals for Accurate & “Real-world” Cash flow forecasting
  • 3 Immediate Action items for your next Cash flow forecast.
  • The 2 Key areas of improvement your SME/NFP clients can action instantly to improve their cash flow.
  • Why, as a public practice accountant, “Cash Flow preparation” could be your 2016 Most -Attractive Revenue service offering.

(B) “Real World” Budgeting for SME clients

Aim / Primary Objectives: Assisting Public Practice accountants to prepare & deliver “Real-world” SME Budgets, which provide ongoing value, from date of preparation…and way into the future.

Description outlining content: An effective budget is the starting block to small business improvement. If prepared correctly, it can provide clarity, focus and direction for key decision makers both initially and over a long period of time.   But, without the correct structure, and proper implementation, the value of a well prepared budget, is wasted. CPA Congress Nov 15 1

4 learning outcomes:

  • The 4 primary Essentials for a budget that “works” and provides ongoing value.
  • The 3 Action items for your next Budget preparation.
  • The TOP 2 “Epic Fails” for SME budget preparation
  • The “MUST DO” Client Account modification, which is vital in supporting any of your “growing” small business clients.

(C) Value Added Services Delivery: The Five Fundamental Failures

Aim / Primary Objectives: To highlight the Fundamental Fails, as to why so many Professional Practice Accountants have not been able to duplicate regular Financial Performance reviews with their SME clients, as the partners would have liked.

Description outlining content: Implementing “Value-Added Services”, specifically “Monthly or Quarterly Financial Performance Reviews” with SME clients is most certainly the most profitable (and rewarding) service Accountants can deliver. Unfortunately…. Duplicating this, may sound easier than it actually is. Changes in the Accounting Industry are encouraging (or forcing) accountants to diversify their service offerings away from Pure Compliance and Tax, and step more into the “Trusted Advisor” role. Unfortunately, it seems many Accountants are finding it too time consuming, too slow-moving, and therefore too challenging. This session delivers insights into those challenges, as well as the solutions.CPA congress Newcastle March 2016

4 learning outcomes:

  • The 5 most common “Fundamental FAILS”, of Professional Practices in Australia, who are delivering (some) “Value-Add” Services.
  • The 5 “Essentials” to delivering high value, more regular Financial Performance Reviews, with more SME clients.
  • The 3 Golden Rules of the “Trusted Advisor Role”
  • The Perfect “Team size” for this type of work.



Tracey Loubser, from Confident Cashflows PLUS began presenting Continuing Professional Education sessions with the Institute of Public Accountants (IPA) in August 2014.

Predominantly focusing on assisting accounting practitioners to diversify their practices and utilize systems to increase their profits within their business.

Tracey’s sessions have been met with great enthusiasm and interest with the members of the IPA in WA and she has consistently received feedback scores of between Very Good and Excellent.

Kerrin Murray – General Manager IPA WA Perth office.

_______________________________________________________________________________________tracey fleur presentation oct 14

Tracey Loubser is a dynamic and entertaining speaker. She can turn any topic about finance into something fun and interactive. She knows how to wake up an audience!

Her presentations are engaging and rich in content.  Tracey is a qualified accountant with many years’ experience so, not only does she speak the language, she has the knowledge to back it up.

Her tried and tested programs with business owners have led her to develop programs for accountants and accounting firms to help them adapt to the changing business environment.

Accountants are seen by clients as trusted advisers. Clients are becoming more demanding of their accountant; they want more business services to help them make changes and improvements to make more profit in their business. Tracey’s programs are all about helping accountants to better serve their clients whilst growing their own firms.

Pauline Bright

Business coach, mentor, speaker
Bright Business Trust


Tracey is absolutely ‘The Queen of Cash flow’ in every essence of the title. She actively demonstrates, teaches and assists business owners and industry colleagues in the technical detail of managing cash-flow in business plus is a dynamic, engaging speaker able to share her expertise from the stage to a variety of audiences.

These include colleagues in the industry such as accountants and CFOs, she communicates at the appropriate technical depth for her industry and to motivated business owners interested in seeing results. I highly recommend Tracey as an educator and expert speaker in Cash flow.

Fleur Allen – Out the Box Biz