Turn Key Graduate Contributions – Saving time with Calxa

Cash flow forecast video 1 : Short (less than 10 minute video) showing the basics of cash based cashflow looking at :

Cash based income
Initial default accounts and cashflow settings (month 1 only)
and check of profit and loss items and how they are disclosed on the cashflow,

Cash flow video 2 : 20 minute video showing :
Inflows which are NOT cash based – but specified by the user (ie payment plans / specific inflows of Debtors – non Debtors days)
Adjustment of GST outflow amount (same applies to PAYG and PAYG/Super for Employees – if the balance sheet amount is NOT correct – still needs adjusting by bookkeeper)
Outflows for cr card payments

Cashflow video 3 profile 30 days income costs

This short 8 minute video shows how you can manipulate what calxa generates as inflows or outflows based on the profile (where 100% is in the next month (not current month – but month 1 after the current month)

Changing Calxa reports through Account trees

Saving time when updating BUDGET numbers for Detailed Reviews

Using Calxa to calculate formulaes