Q: What are you teaching?

This program shares a full “Turn-Key” model for duplicating a monthly / quarterly revenue stream for accountants or bookkeepers with existing or new small business clients. It was developed after 6 years of “in the trenches” experience of Financial Performance Reporting with clients.

Q: How can I make money from doing this training?

Financial Performance Reviews and Feedback with small business clients is an area which is in high demand for growing businesses, and low supply. My modelling shows that the average accounting practice could make an extra $250k in revenue a year, by implementing this with 10% of their clients. (These are all averages and results will vary from practice to practice.)

Q: What is different from this training to any other Professional Development training?

EVERYTHING!! Unlike other PD which is targeted at “Technical updates” to keep you “Compliant” – this training helps accounting practices earn more regular money with the clients they WANT to work with!!

Q: How much time is required for the training?

The training includes 4 step up stages. Think of it as a bus tour – you can stay on the bus for the first stop (which is only 90 minutes) and jump off, or you can get off at the second stop, third stop or stay for the whole ride (we will be working closely together for quite a while)

Q: How much does it cost?

The Investement into this program can vary depending on the how far in the “bus tour” you would like to go, and how many staff members you would like to take with you. You can get off at the first “stop” which can be as little as $197. You get to decide at which point in the “bus trip” you get off, and therefore how much you would like to invest. Any accounting practice can invest anything from just under $3 000 to over $13 000. This range takes into account the group programs and our in demand Exclusive “Its-All-About-Me-And-My-Team” programs, which personalise the training for your team and your calendars.

Q: Why is the training called Turn-Key-Intensive?

The name speaks for itself! Unlike other training programs which involve throwing a text-book at you, and then it being filed in “File 13”- this program works on the “Do-It-With-You mantra”. You/ your team learn from DOING as well as learn from the other participants’ DOING.

Q: I am a partner of my firm and far too busy to take on additional work for me to complete – outside of my compliance and tax work, and running my practice!

You are absolutely correct! Your time is far too valuable to be spending it “in production mode”. That is why you have a team. This program is ideally suited for a “team” approach, where “juniors” are in “production mode” and either seniors or partners are in “review” or “meeting mode”.

Q: I am a sole practicioner – a lone-ranger – is this something I could do in my practice?

Ab-sol-u-tely!! So am I. I built my business on me being in “production mode” of generating the reports and also in “meeting mode” with the clients!! If I can do it, so can you! The best thing about you being a “lone-ranger” is that you are quick, agile and dynamic and can take your practice into which ever direction you choose!!!

Q: Yes, I know I can (or my team) will be confident with the technical How to do it work – but what worries me is HOW Do I Sell it to my existing clients or even NEW clients?

I know how you feel!! Sales and Marketing were not my strong point – its something I had to learn! If this is an area you are concerned about, you may be interested in the Advanced program which is a coaching program developed for specially for people like you and me – with the “recipes” for Selling and Marketing these programs. We can talk more about that later, to see if its a good fit or not. Lets just take it one step at a time…

Q: Are you going to sell me some big fancy expensive software with lots of hype but little results?

The only software involved in my program is your standard Excel and Word, and a 3rd-Party software program which costs as little as $125 per month. The software is a small part of the success. I have no affiliation to the software in any way – I get no kickbacks for referring you on – I just LOVE that it works (and the team!) and doesn’t cost me an “arm and a leg.”

Q: How have you helped small businesses owners make more money?

Take the time to read our testimonials from small businesses we have helped – Testimonials

Q: What skills and abilities do I / we need to take part in this program?

This type of training is suited from bookeeper level up to Chartered Accountant. As long as you are comfortable with numbers, excel spreadsheets, and are a numbers-geek just like me, then you are perfect. Oh… and also – you need to have a special passion for helping small business owners make more money…thats really important!

Q: What is the first step?

Lets have a short conversation to see if this could be a fit for you. Contact me via this link and we can take the first step!!