Bookkeeper Exclusive : How to EARN more, Work Less, and FIRE those “Painful clients”

Calling all: Perth Bookkeepers!

So, The Bookkeeping Industry says “Embrace on-line” and “Diversify”!

But, How do YOU do that while still chasing “dollar for the hour” work?

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In 2015, the Bookkeeping Industry has 2 Key Messages;

The First, Embrace “On-Line” Solutions and Move away from Time based billing .

The Second; In order to withstand the pressures of our Industry today, Bookkeepers need to Add Value and “Diversify”.

Monthly or even Quarterly Financial Reviews may be the answer, but how do you do that while still chasing deadlines, AND paying you (and your staff) a wage worthy of your expertise?

Join Tracey Loubser while she shares how she transformed her “dollar for the hour” bookkeeping business, into an average $200 per hour business, AND how she “fired” her D grade clients at the same time!!

Tracey shares her “In the Trenches” experience of 6 years of executing “Financial Performance Reviews” with local Small Business Owners.

Tracey’s “Turn-Key” approach to implementing her “Proven Profit Boosting System” has helped many business owners achieve great success in business, from transforming a business from a NET Loss to consistent Net Profit after just ONE month (13% of Turnover), to improving Net Profit in another business by 65% (in just 7 months).  Tracey will show you THE “Recipe” designed for you, and how you could duplicate her success of a SOLID Financial Performance client base with the 83.3% client retention rate.

The Fee Income vs Client Turnover ratio will pleasantly surprise you!

Her students have raved about the program, with her top performer successfully converting a standard compliance client into a Financial Performance client, after only Two months of completing the training.

There are only 24 seats available – so book fast


  • The 7 Step “Proven Profit Boosting System” for Raving Fan Client success.
  • How the “High-Value-Repeat Revenue” from happy clients can fill your bank account.
  • How only 4 “Financial Performance Review Clients” can contribute upwards of $80 000 to your Annual Revenue
  • How the Value of this program is in the “How to execute” Financial Performance AND ALSO….
    • How to Market and Sell to clients who are actually asking bookkeepers first, before their accountants.
    • How to Price correctly – the Dos and Don’ts, and a lot more.

Learning Objectives

On completion of this seminar attendees will understand;

  • Why the 7 Step “Proven Profit Boosting System” gets results for clients?
  • How it could work for you (and if applicable….your team.)
  • What the next steps could look like for you?

Recommended For

Certified Bookkeepers: Bookkeeping business owners are welcome to bring along Key Team members to this Discovery Session.

There are only 24 seats available – so book fast

What other Bookkeepers have to say:

“I have attended Tracey’s program and am excited about delivering this new Product / Service to my clients!        I have held back as “just the bookkeeper”, and I feel this has given me the tools to STEP UP and offer a HIGHER VALUE product / service, that will be so beneficial to my clients!!

Sharon Jones – Additional Bookkeeping Concepts – ABN member.

Working with Confident Cashflows has provided me with systematised approach and a solid foundation to help my clients to look forward and make sure that it performs at its BEST!!

Tracey Edwardes – Flawless Bookkeeping.

About the presenter

TRACEY LOUBSER I Confident Cashflows Plus

Tracey Loubser has been called the ‘Queen of Cash flow’ by her clients. She has worked her way “up-the-ranks” for over 18 year’s and started her career bookkeeping in professional practice at Deloittes. Her business Confident Cashflows started over 6 years ago, and at that stage her revenue was solely based on Bookkeeping with a small number of small to medium business owners.  After enduring the “hard slog” of bookkeeping, and being tired of continuously justifying her worth, Tracey transformed her business into what is now; a business solely based on Financial Performance Reviews.

By sharing her Step by Step Systems, Tools and Templates, Tracey is on a mission to transform the small business success rate FOREVER.

Tracey also shares the “missing” Marketing and Sales elements that others don’t teach` – so that THIS program, unlike others, EARNS more Regular Revenue and Builds “A grade” clients into “Raving Fans”

Date: Tuesday 23rd of June 2015

Time:10.00 am to 12.30pm

Venue: Link Accounting, Unit 16, 66 Bannister Road, Canningvale, WA, 6155

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