Cally – Cally’s Conveyancing – Absolute Saviour to my business

Tracey has been an absolute saviour to me and my business! I initially felt very intimidated when looking at my figures, which I felt was a very daunting experience every month.  Tracey has taken the stress out of this, and helped me to understand the figures and see in a simple-to-read report showing where my [Read more…]

Confident Cashflows helped me turn my business from loss to profit in ONE month!

I wish I had called Tracey Loubser from Confident Cashflows a year earlier!! Although I had a successful espresso bar in Perth I was bleeding cash from kitchen costs and wages. Tracey helped me clearly see the matrix that is my cafe business and by focusing my financial attention on both of the problem areas [Read more…]

Sue Papadoulis – Achieve Big Growth & Profit Goals

“Working with Tracey has brought many benefits to Publicity for Profit.  She has given me greater control over the financial operations of the business, bringing relief and confidence.  She has helped me create budgets and our monthly sessions bring with them an accountability that keeps me on track.  Most importantly, Tracey is helping me set [Read more…]

Improved GP by 6% within weeks!!

It was during the fifth year of being self-employed that I finally accepted that I was just too busy to really understand what was happening to the money side of my business. One always can see what is coming in, but how often do we clearly see, dollar by dollar, just what happens to it [Read more…]

Second to None

“Your ability to analyse a business’ accounts and help the business owner understand where their profit is coming from is second to none” – John Denton – The DNA of Business

Playing That Numbers Game

Since working with Tracey, she has opened up a whole new world of “playing that numbers game” to not only make the profit I want, but also weigh up the time both my team and I spend to make that money. Peter Butler – Smarter Enterprises – Perth

The Decisions Flowed Easily

After the analysis- the decisions flowed easily – we felt informed and therefore empowered. Michele & Ken

Pauline Gets Clarity

Tracey’s evaluation made it patently clear as to what my sales targets need to be, and also the areas of my business that had become financially bloated from a cost perspective. – Pauline

TxtShots – Perth

I wish I had called Tracey Loubser from Confident Cashflows a year earlier!! Through Tracey I gained clarity on my business dynamics and gained control. Annie Rankin – TxtShots – Perth

John Denton – Denton & Associates

I have referred clients to Tracey – those clients have all raved about Tracey’s REAL TANGIBLE outcomes. Get Tracey in to your business ASAP – you will be amazed at the results. April 30, 2013 John Denton – Denton & Associates – 30 April 2013