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The Art of Sales and Marketing for Accountants … or, the magic beans and the belly ache …

“I really hate sales and marketing. It makes me feel sick to think about trying to persuade people to please let me do their accounting. Sure, I can do the work. But that’s all I want to do.” A whopping 27% of accountants I surveyed recently said their resistance to Sales & Marketing was the [Read more…]

Is licensing the be all and end all in 2016?

As published by Public Accountant – the official journal of the Institute of Public Accountants If we thought that 2015 was crunch time for public practice accountants, well the best is yet to come! It seems 2016 is the year when it all comes to a head. In reality, the big question around licensing for each one [Read more…]

Six things I forced myself to do – to become a magazine centrefold!!

Be careful what you ask for – it’s going to make you grow. Can I share with you an amazing journey I took over the past year, and the guiding lights that saw me through it? Early in 2015 I discovered an award program specifically for accountants. Almost magically, one of the categories sounded like [Read more…]