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Member profile Public Accountant Magazine Feb/March 2016 – The Queen of Cashflow

by Mitchell Turner           For IPA member Tracey Loubser, a genuine love of small business has allowed her own practice to flourish. Since relocating from South Africa, Tracey has cooked up a recipe for success to ensure that public practice accountants are in the perfect position to make their own business [Read more…]

Help businesses & raise the value of my service.

I’ve always thought that Bookkeepers need more diversification to be able to offer Businesses more than just Bookkeeping. I have come across so many frustrated Business owners that don’t understand the figures in their Business and don’t see the value in a lot of what we do. This also makes it frustrating for Bookkeepers as [Read more…]

237% annual increased fee income

I have attended Tracey’s program and am excited about delivering this new Product /Service to my clients! I have held back as “just the bookkeeper”, and I feel this has given me the tools to STEP UP and offer a HIGHER VALUE product / service, that will be so beneficial to my clients! Also, the [Read more…]

Published by “Public Accountant – the official journal of the Institute of Public Accountants – 15 January 2016

Published by “Public Accountant – the official journal of the Institute of Public Accountants” on 15 January 2016 Can software generated reports really help accountants build a business advisory service? Read more here

Accountants Daily 11 Jan 2016

Published with Accountants Daily on 11 January 2016. ‘Information overload’ could alienate clients, warns expert.

Public Practice Accounting – is it worth it?

How many of us don’t sometimes wonder if we might have been better off opting for the high rise commerce world of the big city? Oh, for that easy money … the guaranteed pay cheque every month. It sure would have made for smoother sailing. But then again, what about the big payout we’d miss [Read more…]